Gifts are the continuation of character; gifts are social bonds

Gift-giving is a universal social phenomenon, which exists in all periods and regions of human society. An ideal gift can express a special desire and convey a special message to both the giver and the receiver. A gift is a declaration, it both declares the relationship between you and the recipient: an ordinary friend, a friendly relative, a boss who is grateful to a subordinate, or an ardent admirer. It also reflects what kind of image you want to establish in the minds of others, a person who can admire others, a person with good taste, or a person who knows how to terminate a relationship with a smile. More importantly, it is also a declaration to the recipient: his loyalty has been recognized by you, his perseverance is commendable, his leadership is vital to this department, his health is worrying, and he makes business Become a pleasure. All in all, he deserves thanks.

Everyone gives and accepts gifts, regardless of whether the gift is voluntary or not, each gift must be selected before it can be sent out. Because gifts are an extension of your character, the other person can measure your interest, even your wisdom and talents. What to give and how to give will leave an important and lasting impression on people. The same is true of how the other party accepts it. Whether we admit it or not, gifts are meaningful to both parties, and they play an important role in our lives. Our desire for gifts is also the desire for approval, love, understanding, and love. Our act of giving and receiving gifts involves many aspects of life. Through gifts, we can motivate others, educate others, gain control, obtain compensation, display knowledge and cultivation, express kindness and love, and expand personal influence.

In short, gift-giving has become an indispensable form of social interaction for each of us to live and integrate into society.

Corporate gifts are specially ordered by enterprises and institutions in order to increase or expand their reputation, increase the market share (share) of their products, and obtain higher sales performance and profits in their operations or business activities. A product with a special meaning. It has novelty, strange characteristics, craftsmanship and practicality. Enterprise gift giving should first clarify the purpose of gift giving. Gifts to friends are to deepen friendship, husbands to wives are to sublimate love, and parents to children are to enhance affection. The purpose of corporate gifts is more clear-to expand operations and increase profits. Therefore, the purpose of gift-giving determines the grade and time of gift-giving.

With a purpose, it is natural to determine the object. Corporate gifts are often aimed at an organization or group, but what needs to be considered is that the recipient of the gift is a living person. He (she) has his or her own personality, status and taste, so the gifts given should also have different personalities. .

Gift time is very important. The time here includes not only the specific gift giving time, but also the time interval during which gifts need to be given regularly in order to maintain business contact. Holidays, anniversaries, events, and other suitable times for commercial gifts are generally paid attention to by enterprises, but they are not too particular about the time interval for gifts. It may not be enough for important customers to give gifts with the same reason and time every year. It is necessary for the company to conduct further analysis on customers, gifts and the environment to determine the right gift timing.

The above three aspects are actually closely linked, because the business gift-giving activities of an enterprise are an overall activity. It not only needs to cooperate with the overall business diplomacy activities of the enterprise, but also must conform to customs, business etiquette, psychology, and sociology. related requirements.

Corporate gifts are different from personal gifts. First, they must be the spokesperson of the corporate image. Companies in different industries have different corporate images, some focus on the company’s innovative image, and some try to show strong strength, but there is one thing in common, that is, if the company’s gift is not for promoting products or services, it must reflect The company’s cultural heritage. Secondly, corporate gifts often have the characteristics that most people like but are reluctant to pay for it. If a company’s gifts can be bought by the recipient, it is difficult to reflect the company’s unique attention to the recipient. This is especially important when the company’s public relations are important customers. Reflected in the choice of gifts, companies cannot buy daily gifts casually. Instead, they should look for professional gift design companies to tailor them to the characteristics of the company and customers.

The biggest difference between corporate gifts and personal gifts lies in its consistency, integrity and planning. For important customers, relationship groups, and partners, the gifts presented by companies not only reflect the overall nature, but also require targeted personality changes. At this time, the gift selection goes beyond the pure gift concept. It is necessary to deepen the understanding of the company's own services and culture, as well as to gain a thorough understanding of the gift object, so the company's gifts truly enter the cultural level and reach the highest level.

The key to business gift management lies in people, who have cultural affiliation and their own personality. Only when an enterprise raises its gift activities to the cultural level and adopts commercial operation methods, can it have one more killer skill in China's business environment.